Scale your growth without the overhead.

As the CEO, you worry about managing growth and growing predictably. You need your sales and marketing teams aligned to deliver a market-validated, scalable go-to-market strategy that delivers results.

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We know it can be a challenge to keep everyone aligned.

You need your marketing and sales teams all rowing in the same direction—but that's impossible without cross-departmental buy-in on a Go-to-Market strategy custom-engineered for your business. With Swivel, you get a holistic and strategic partner to help you find the sweet spot in the market where you can win, along with the playbooks and execution to help your sales team get there.

Only 14%

of B2B organizations say they have an aligned planning process across product, marketing, and sales according to SiriusDecisions

Here's what won't work:

  • Hiring siloed, disconnected agencies and partners
  • Ramping up in-house hires with limited skillsets and more overhead costs
  • Expecting teams to deliver without overarching strategy and cross-departmental alignment

Here's what does work:

  • A sales-first partner that develops holistic, custom-engineered strategy to get you real results
  • A team that drives alignment between marketing and sales for better outcomes and ROI
  • One team with 15+ skillsets that can be leveraged up and down as needed

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Find out exactly where you can close gaps.

Do you know where your biggest fallout is across your funnel? More first time meetings, more sales close rate, increase lifetime value of existing, or something else?

Let us audit across your entire pipeline to provide biggest area of impact:


Comparing options?

See how Swivel's Growth System holds up against hiring in-house or traditional marketing agencies.

Why Swivel

Sales-First Marketing

Every action we take is with sales goals in mind. We're a partner and extension of your team

Faster Results

Proven frameworks leverage Agile processes to stay flexible while reaching goals faster

A Holistic Partner

A team with 15+ skillsets that covers everything from strategy to execution

Highly Collaborative

Weekly meetings, quarterly workshops, and regular surveys ensure we're always incorporating your team's ideas and feedback

Local to Cincinnati

We're local to your business! Our quarterly workshops happen in person with lunch, whiteboards, and lots of post-it exercises

We drive results for B2B companies

Abre increased pipeline by 900% in less than 12 months


pipeline generated


prospects engaged


buyer-centric assets created

K-12 SaaS
New category creation
Predictable pipeline
Maximizing sales opportunities

Conger became the go-to construction partner for Sports & Rec projects in greater Cincinnati


buyers engaged


opportunities created


pipeline generated

B2B construction
Build equity in new industry
Generate demand in new industry
Larger pipeline

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