Inbound Marketing


Let's talk about INBOUND MARKETING First, WHAT is it? It is "interacting with buyers and answering their needs at each stage of the their journey to generate leads." Which TACTICS [...]

Supercharged Sales Enablement


B2B CEOs: Are your marketing and sales team experiencing any of these challenges? ❌ Declining margins from weak differentiation ❌ Declining close rates from increasing competitive pressure ❌ Not enough at-bats from ineffective hunting The [...]

Step #3: Sales Enablement


Swivel wrote the playbook on growth. Step #3: Sales Enablement What does "Sales enablement" mean in action? 👫 Sales & Marketing Alignment: We collaborate cross-functionally every step of the way [...]

Workflow Inefficiencies


There's nothing more frustrating than losing sales and opportunities solely due to workflow inefficiencies. The good news? These losses are easily preventable with a little forethought and process adjustment. You've [...]

Optimize Your Content


If you're not optimizing your content for each stage of the buyer journey, you're missing valuable opportunities to connect with and relate to potential customers — to meet them exactly [...]

Smart Sales Enablement


35% of B2B sales reps TURNOVER 😮 The solution is... 💡 SMART SALES ENABLEMENT💡 What is Sales Enablement? "Setting sales up for success with the skills, knowledge, and process expertise [...]

Healthy Collaboration


Hot take: You cannot experience growth without healthy collaboration between both sales & marketing. But, what does healthy collaboration look like? ✅ Weekly meetings! (with productive agendas) ✅ Alignment on [...]

Growth Recipe


Some 10-200M B2B CEOs say Marketing is a waste of money. But it’s NOT a waste if you focus on your Growth Recipe. You may be asking, "What does a [...]

Joining Swivel: Emily Rentschler


Swivel is excited to announce that Emily Rentschler will be joining the team as our new Marketing Specialist. Emily comes to Swivel with a strong background in Marketing and Sales [...]

Joining Swivel: Gracia Ostendorf


Swivel is happy to announce that Gracia Ostendorf has joined the team as our new Content Marketing Manager. Gracia brings experience in the higher ed industry from her most recent [...]

PLAYBOOK: Value Prop Testing

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Familiar with this business? Growth from referrals has reached a plateau. Cold calling doesn't work like it used to. Haven't effectively hit the market proactively with their message yet. Not [...]

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