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You want predictable growth.

For the long-term.

You’re experiencing: 
Declining Margins | Unpredictable Revenue | Sales Turnover 

But how?

  1. You can continue what you’re doing – replacing sales people and pushing your team for stronger results in the face of uncertainty.
  2. Or you can Swivel and take a new approach. Think of it like pivoting, but frictionless with team alignment and market-validation along the way.  

Immersed with your team, we build the  recipe to drive your growth.

See How We Help You:

Video: 10 Steps to B2B Sales Growth

Swivel’s CEO & Founder, Simcha Kackley

We Can Help You Grow.

We know the right questions to ask.  We know how to activate strategies and maximize ROI.

Let us prove it. 

Schedule a go-to-market strategy workshop + activation recommendations.
(4-hours, $2,500)

We guarantee you’ll find value, or it’s free. 

What People Say

“Simcha helped us advance and activate our marketing strategy with the integration of a new sales technology platform… from pipeline definitions, sales stage, and actions items for each, we now have dashboards & reports that enable our teams to make informed decisions at every step!

She did a fantastic job facilitating our 5-person team, keeping us on track, working with the 3rd party vendor and making progress at every step. I’d highly recommend her for any sales and marketing initiative where you need some expertise, collaboration, and action!!”

Justin Conger

CEO, Conger Construction Group

“You brought credibility as well as neutrality…. You allowed the group to lead the discussion and did a great job of keeping it from going off the rails.”

Jasilyn Fuller

Sr Marketing Manager, VEGA Americas

“You drove the discussion and provoked new thought.”

Steve Rollman

Director of Sales, VEGA Americas

“Simcha played a crucial role in the construction of our three year Strategy, Go-to-market plan. Her expertise and thought leadership was imperative for the development of our service portfolio, digital strategy, and value proposition.

With her collaboration, and information gathering skills we developed a SWOT analysis that later helped us solidify a ROI forecast that would help us scale our organization through a sustainable path for bottom-line growth.

She is not only an incredible professional, that is passionate about helping organizations creating a vision with execution excellence, but also an amazing individual, always cheerful and happy to go the extra mile when needed. I believe Simcha is a person that can inspire in any organization, and am happy to recommend her as an agent of change and growth.”

Andres Concha

Head of Growth, Yuxi Global

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