Swivel [ swiv-uhl ]

Verb: To pivot, but frictionless with team alignment and market-validation along the way

Swivel [ swiv-uhl ]

Verb: To pivot, but frictionless with team alignment and market-validation along the way

With Swivel, you move:


We employ Agile Practices to ensure your go-to-market strategy matches the current needs of your customers.


We collaborate with your team to customize every aspect of your growth system to ensure your team has the excitement and know-how to successfully engage with prospects and customers.


Building the right growth system requires expertise. Our people, proprietary processes and technology experience give you confidence you deserve.

Our People

Swivel serves as team extensions to optimize people, process, and technology. We have the best of the best. That is how a modern-day partner should be – no employees, just partners.


Founder & Chief Strategist

Your results-driven guide with 15+ years of leadership experience in transforming companies from brute-force to scalable growth.

FUN FACT: Born in Jerusalem, and her name means “joy and happiness.”



Growth System Director

Your content expert with over 5 years of experience, focuses on developing and strategically communicating content in a variety of digital formats to spark authentic engagement. Her specialty is taking complex information and sharing it in a simplified way that resonates with your target audience.

FUN FACT: She’s always had a fascination with language and has studied Spanish, Latin, Japanese, German, Norwegian, ASL, and Russian.


Growth System Manager

Your Marketing Manager. Expertise in content creation, project management, communications, and market research and 5+ years of marketing experience. Passionate to help clients create impactful content to attract and generate their ideal leads. 

FUN FACT: Colleen has dabbled in audio narration and voice-over work, being featured on various podcasts and videos. She really enjoys it and would love to keep growing in this space!


Growth System Manager

Your Growth System Manager. Candace studied at the University of Cincinnati, where she received a B.A. in both Communication and Spanish, as well as a B.F.A. in Media Production. During college, she studied abroad in Valencia, Spain, where she discovered her passion for media production and writing. She is excited to use her creative and organization skills to make an impact with our clients.

FUN FACT: Candace played in Spain’s 2019 National Lacrosse Tournament. She came home with a passion for language, culture, and exploration!


Growth Operations Manager

Your Marketing and Sales Growth Specialist. Expertise in sales and marketing workflow automation, multi funneled lead generation, project management and 5+ years of CRM experience. Passionate to increase sales with qualified leads and automation so you can focus on what your business does best.

FUN FACT: Emily loves to travel and play golf. She has attended over 8 PGA Tour Events & PGA Championships, including the Ryder Cup in Paris, France. She hopes to add more to her travels.



Your award-winning art director with 19 years of design and web development experience. A master of creating a great user experience and promoting strong brandappeal. Expert in WordPress and all things web and digital.

FUN FACT: Built 2 houses. Yes, we said that right


Digital Media

Your cutting-edge media strategist for leveraging Google, Facebook, Instagram, Bing and other paid media opportunities. She’s been driving growth for enterprise brands for 14 years.

FUN FACT: Was named Razzle Dazzles Rice Krispies Most Magical Kid in America. She performed in Vegas as part of her prize and made cereal disappear on The Today Show!


Growth System Analyst

Your Marketing Specialist. Logan is an aspiring marketing specialist with work experience in business-to-business sales, digital marketing, data, and advertising. Logan can be described as enthusiastic, team oriented, and easy going. He loves trying to solve difficult problems and creating great solutions for Swivel and our partners. He assists with the back end of our marketing tools to create and execute Marketing and Sales strategies.

FUN FACT: Logan’s favorite place that he has traveled to is Alaska.


SEO and Content Strategist

Your results-driven strategist with 20+ years of performance marketing experience, including a Former US President of a top 5 global performance marketing agency.

FUN FACT: Loves golf and technology so much that he recently built a golf simulator in his home from just a kit. Now he plays rain or shine.



Addison studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design, where he received a B.F.A. in Graphic Design with a minor in painting. He is very excited to put his design skills to good use at Swivel!

FUN FACT: Addison plays the bass guitar as a hobby, and used to row on a crew team competitively in high school!

Who We Work With

You know your industry. We know our system. We help you transform customer generation into repeatable, short-term and long-term strategies with best in class sales and marketing.

B2B 20M – 200M Annual Revenue

High Average Ticket & Highly Considered Purchase

Sales Team Ready to Evolve

Our Beliefs

Scaling sales before there is a pipeline is backwards.

Our analysis and interviews reveal current stat, competitive benchmarks, and opportunity areas to drive growth.

Cold prospecting doesn’t work

Forget “one size fits all.” We deliver a tailored approach to fit your team’s challenges that has the flexibility to lever up and down.

Generating demand is harder than capturing demand.

We are accountable for business outcomes and driving change in your organization.


Why Swivel

“In 2018, after my 5th Sales & Marketing leadership position in Cincinnati, I realized that too many companies waste time, talent and energy on the WRONG growth strategies. I hear CEOs say, “Let’s just hire another sales rep. John just didn’t cut it this year.”

Sales reps are not being set up to succeed. There’s a better way. A way that is repeatable and gives sales their mojo back. They need to be set up for success. Buyer landscape has changed. That’s why we created a modern method to sales growth for SMBs. Think of it like pivoting, but frictionless. I know what you’re thinking, ‘You’re just like the rest.’ We are NOT a digital agency. NOT a tech agency. NOT a sales training agency. Instead we bring strategies together, all focused on sales enablement: Perhaps, we are a “Holistic, Growth-Focused Sales Enablement Agency”

Simcha Kackley
Swivel, Founder & CEO