Let’s talk about INBOUND MARKETING

First, WHAT is it?

It is “interacting with buyers and answering their needs at each stage of the their journey to generate leads.”

Which TACTICS can you use to generate leads?

📝  Content marketing
🔍 Paid & organic search
📱 Paid & organic social
✉️ Nurture & trigger emails
⚙️ Web conversion optimization

While these things sound easy, there are a 9 COMMON TRAPS to look out for when doing inbound marketing…

1️⃣ Bad targeting
2️⃣ Lack of hyper-segmentation
3️⃣ Too much focus on selling vs. value-add content
4️⃣ Lack of sales enablement techniques
5️⃣ Lack of agreement between sales & marketing on SLAs & definitions
6️⃣ Website is not buyer-centric
7️⃣ Too much focus on vanity metrics
8️⃣ Too much focus on top of funnel acquisitions
9️⃣ Your business does not invest in content because it’s a long term play & not as measurable

Which of these 9 common traps is your organization caught in?