Don’t drive garbage leads from e-books. Instead, drive more high intent demo requests. Seems so simple, right?! That’s what we all want—quality, ready to buy leads. However, it would be silly to completely forego driving “leads” and just focus on demo requests.


Because not everyone jumps to the MQL/ high intent demo request stage right away.
Buyers need guidance along their buying journey. And there are a few ways to guide them:

1. The content you create should indicate a buyer intent, eg “5 signs it’s time to xxx”, “10 mistakes to avoid when xxxx”, etc
2. Create content for each stage. E.g. “evaluate” buyer stage should have comparisons to competitors, case studies, etc
3. The nurture track and retargeting should INTENTIONALLY move people to MQL/ high intent demo request.
4. You need a clear value prop, offers and guarantees!!! (Test test test)
5. You should monitor the lead to MQL ratio to continue to improve

By taking the time to nurture your “leads” (no matter the stage), you will end up getting to know them better & driving more of them to MQL/high intent demo request.