If you’re sending a newsletter, you’re wasting time and hurting your brand.


  1. They are not personalized
  2. They throw 10 things at you hoping 1 will stick
  3. There is too much going on for you to read a newsletter

What’s better:

Segmented value add content based on their persona, needs, and stage in the funnel. Triggers at the right time with the right cadence. Adjusting frequency of sends based on engagement.

Tips, checklists, comparisons, ebooks, guides, webinars, videos, infographics

Sure, 90% of your audience won’t be identified at first.

That’s why (1) asking (whoa, we can just ask consumers?) with a reward for them, (2) testing, and (3) defaulting to top of funnel content (and not 10 items in a newsletter. 1 good item with a clear message and CTA) unless you know differently. And use WHAT they’re engaging with to infer their stage and persona. Map and tag your content to get the most out of it!