I had the pleasure of serving in an interim CMO role this year at LEI Home Enhancements, leading both sales and marketing. What a joy it was to help a wonderful, family-focused and faith-driven company move to the next stage in their business. LEI has 33+ locations in which they design, build, and install windows and doors for residential consumers – purchasing windows is a highly considered purchase with a high ticket price.

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The Accomplishments We Had Together…

A heartfelt thank you to Rob Keller and Marc Longworth, Owners at LEI, for supporting these accomplishments, and a thank you to the entire team on the collaboration towards these. We couldn’t have done it without team effort. We know teamwork makes the dream work!!

  1. 3-Year Plan with Marketing Budget and ROI Forecasts
  2. Foundation Around Tracking Results from Prospects to Sales
  3. Unique Differentiated Messaging Test Strategy with Various Concepts in an Industry that is a “Sea of Sameness”
  4. Fresh Customer Experience to Differentiate LEI
  5. Launch Plan for Salesforce CRM Nationwide
  6. Tighter Alignment Between Sales and Marketing – E.g. Process for Connecting Prospects to Sales More Efficiently and New Closing Techniques

The Testimonials…

Rob Keller, Owner at LEI: “Hard working professional who excels digital marketing and teamcollaboration! Gifted, driven, and an excellent asset in marketing!”

Boyd Prucha, Sales at LEI: “I will say working for Simcha was an extremely rewarding experience! She brought much needed innovation and technology to our company. We are all still benefiting from her outstanding leadership. Her cheerful demeanor was consistent each day. Her level of care and concern was refreshing. Simcha was as willing to learn from each of us all while diligently directing our division. Simcha is a true professional and any corporation would be lucky to have her!”

Dustin Barron, Sales at LEI: “Simcha was always a leader of positivity and full of life. she hadbrought a fresh take to a classic business model, and was alwaysthinking outside the box to achieve the goals we had”

Uli Seuster, Franchise Owner at LEI: “I had the privilege of working with Simcha as Chief MarketingOfficer. Simcha has always executed at a high standard withenthusiasm and commitment. She is very receptive to suggestionsfrom the field, and very responsive to requests for information. Iwould confidently recommend Simcha to any company.”

Sharima Diaz, Social Media Manager at LEI: “Simcha was an amazing CMO. She bridged the gap between all departments and had us all rowing in one direction. She also implemented various marketing strategies to help us grow. She is an amazing leader for a few reasons: (1) she truly listens and incorporates ideas that make sense and drive the business forward, (2) she gives clear direction and guidance, (3) her positivity and energy is contagious!! It was a joy to work with her. “