Fundamental Issues in Sales and Marketing

 Sales, Marketing, and the Business


1. Topline is stagnant

2. Margins are declining

3. I have unpredictable revenue


1. Tradeshows

2. Begging PR for mentions

3. Organic social posts

4. Weekly blogs (for their SEO)

5. Supporting the sales team with materials and proposals

6. Monthly email newsletters to one audience, just whoever is in the existing database These tactics all occur in silos, without a holistic strategy.

Many tactics are missing or mis-prioritized.


They say things like: “We’re a relationship business.” “But we have a blog! That’s all we need.” “Oh, Facebook ads? Those didn’t work for us (hmmm wonder why? I imagine the buyer understanding, content, and multi-touch wasn’t in place)” “Hubspot doesn’t work. We tried that” (the tool is NOT the fool)


1. Short-term focused

2. Lack of skills or understanding of how to re-engineer their sales and marketing strategy

3. Fear of lack of ROI -Loss aversion

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