B2B Sales Turnover is 35%

What can we do about it?


According to the Bridge Group, B2B salespeople turnover is 35%. While some turnover can be good, 35% is not sustainable and indicates there’s a problem.

Many of the people surveyed said burnout was one of the key reasons for leaving a company. How are you setting your sales team up for success?

Note: Just pushing for stronger results doesn’t work.

Here are some ways you can help them:

1. Strong Pipeline

2. Data Triggers on Your Target Accounts

3. Real-Time Engaged Prospect Alerts

4. Content for Each Stage (e.g. strong case studies, comparison sheets against competition)

5. Script Recommendations Based on Prospect Activity Most Important: Mindset matters. Imagine the additional lift from your Sales team simply from a better mindset (from having a higher close rate from these strategies, as well as your investment in them to succeed).

This is all summed up in the term: Sales Enablement. (Some folks think just #4 is Sales Enablement)

What would you add?

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