Familiar with this business?

  • Growth from referrals has reached a plateau.
  • Cold calling doesn’t work like it used to.
  • Haven’t effectively hit the market proactively with their message yet.
  • Not sure what value prop will resonate with each persona.

Here are the steps for value prop testing:

  1. Identify personas and potential value props (e.g. have a matrix of 3 value props and 3 personas who each have different roles/needs at the orgs you are reaching)
  2. Define the narrative framework: – Value Prop Headline: Drive Predictable Growth – Problem Statement (buyer-centric, with empathy): You’re experiencing sales burnout and aren’t growing at the pace you’d like. (Bridge Group reports B2B companies experience 35% sales turnover) – Solution: That’s why we provide a turn-key solution to re-engineering your sales and marketing, and fully enable your sales team to advance your growth.
  3. Know your success metric. First test CTR. Look at conversion rate, but know which value prop is resonating with WHICH persona via CTR initially. That’s Phase 1. THEN, test web conversion rate and close rate.
  4. Test in-market w/ target accounts, weekly iteration. Paid advertising!! Not email/organic social!!

Thoughts on this approach?