Data, Marketing, and Sales

I’ve gotten a ton of questions over the past few months around: How to select technologies to support business growth.

Here you go, SMB sales and marketing leaders.

This is for you 🙂

We’ve all seen this:

There are a few problems with the vast technology options out there.

  1. Not Actionable
  2. Many Tech are Mis-Categorized on Crunchbase, G2, Capterra, PCmag,, Software Advice – Perhaps whoever is responsible for their content strategy just doesn’t understand all of these solutions
  3. Many of the aggregator sites prioritize solutions based on sponsorship $$
  4. Many of these tools are referred to as #1 Sales Tool – But there’s such different SCOPE each of them offer!
  5. So many new startups cause confusion – don’t know what the truly best options are, and which ones will stand the test of time

Let me help make it a bit more straight forward…

The key is that technology doesn’t solve the company’s problems… you have to have strategy and alignment first.


  • STEP 1: Strategy, People, and Process Alignment
  • STEP 2: Design the Ideal Ecosystem and Roadmap
  • STEP 3: Activate the Roadmap

BE CAREFUL! Some companies think that choosing just ONE of these technologies will drive growth. Perhaps that will help, but this is an ecosystem that needs a go to market strategy and sales and marketing people and process alignment before they can be fully maximized.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have direct experience with every one of these solutions, but I DO have a strong network of folks who do. And I have direct experience with more than half of these solutions.

So here we go…

First, I’m going to share the Tech that I recommend considering for mid-market 50-500MM organizations. There are a few options within each category – that’s because your selection will vary based on your requirements, current tech stack, and aggressiveness towards investing in growth.

But your organization may be smaller or not ready to invest at this level.

You’ll notice a few things are removed. For example, ABM (Account-Based Marketing) is very important to still deploy, but you don’t NEED an ABM tool. Marketing automation (especially Marketo) already have these capabilities, it’s a matter of building the segments and data structures to maximize those tools.

HOW TO CUT FURTHER: And if you want to reduce investment further, we can find records and append your existing data with sources 1-time, as opposed to real-time. This gives you 80% benefit for 20% cost. DiscoverOrg is tens of thousands a year, for example, and isn’t necessary. But what IS necessary is a strong marketing automation platform. Depending on your long-term strategy, CRM tech, and the amount of data in your organization is where we would look at HubSpot, Marketo, Oracle Marketing Cloud, or Pardot.

Investment in Intent or other “Trigger” data depends on your targets, their buying journey, and triggers to identify changes in stages, or sales-readiness. First, strategy. Then, tools.

What I didn’t include was Advertising and Promotion technology. That’s an entirely separate topic, but an important one.

We hope this helps your organization sift through the array of technology solutions – from data to marketing to sales enablement and more.

What we do at GROWTH Marketing:

  • Turnkey Start to End Solution to Align Strategy, People, Process, and Technology to Build Your Modern Sales Organization. Buyers are changing. You know you need a new approach, but don’t know how. We elevate your team, build a foundation WITH them, and leave them fully-charged to scale and run it without us.
  • Technology Audit and Recommendation. You have bits and pieces but don’t know the future state. We can help with that.
  • Business Case and ROI Forecasts for Leveraging Technology. Need to convince the organization? We can outline the current vs. desired state and a detailed business case that demonstrates the ROI.
  • Fractional Marketing Services to Augment Your Team: From lead generation to sales enablement to deploying marketing automation, we have a multi-skillset team to fill the gaps you have.

About GROWTH Marketing:

Simcha Kackley, Founder and CEO of GROWTH Marketing, has been there. She transformed customer generation and built revenue-generating functions as leader of Marketing at iSqFt (now ConstructConnect), The Business Backer, and Champion Windows. By working in a fractional leadership capacity with several companies, Simcha hopes to impact more sales and marketing professionals to drive sales growth together.

SMBs deserve the same level of talent to drive this change in their organization as the Fortune 1000 have. That’s why we’ve built a top-tier team of resources who have Fortune 1000 experience, most are also now entrepreneurs like Simcha, and are all passionate about growing SMBs. And bonus, we have personally worked together for years. Let us come in, immerse and partner to build a foundation, and leave your team fully charged to run it on their own.